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Garage Door Not Opening Large

Help, My Garage Door Doesn’t Open Properly

If you are having issues with the opening or closing of your electric garage door openers, Tuff Garage Doors of Riverside, CA Recommends some basic checks, before calling a professional.

Basic checks

If the garage door refuses to move, the most common problem is a lack of power. Therefore, the first check should be to ensure the system has power. This can be achieved by checking the wall socket and the breaker. You should also check the remote controls have sufficient battery power.

If this has not corrected the issue, it is possible that one of the garage door parts has become damaged and in need of replacement. Check for any loose or broken components especially the garage door springs, tracks or cables. If you detect something has broken it’s time to call a professional garage door service company.

Safety Eyes

If your door is failing to close, it may be a result of an issue with the safety eyes. This safety feature has been designed to prevent the door closing on any obstructions. However, safety eyes can become misaligned or obstructed with dirt or debris. Generally there will be a flickering light to indicate the safety eyes are misaligned. If this is your problem, look to the manufacturers manual of your specific system for instructions on correcting this issue.

Phantom Door Opening

If your door appears to open at random and completely by itself, this may be caused by interference from another system in your area. The radio interference from a neighbor’s garage door opener can actually trigger the opening of your system. This can be easily corrected by changing the code to your system. If this is your problem, look to the manufacturers manual of your specific system for instructions on correcting this issue.

Although opening difficulties can be very frustrating, it is important to remember that that the door is a heavy component. You should never stand under the door and attempt to force it open or closed as this could cause an accident and injury. Instead, familiarize yourself with the emergency release lever for your specific system. This is usually a red lever or cord located above the opener inside the garage. Pulling on this when the door is closed will release the door from the opener and allow manual operation.

Of course if you don’t feel comfortable working on your garage door don’t hesitate to call a professional garage door service company who can help get your door back up and running.