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Garage Door Service

An important but often forgotten aspect of having a roll-up garage door is that it has many working parts that should be regularly maintained to keep it in top operating condition.

We provide complete maintenance services of  your garage door systems including lubrication, adjustments and testing of all key components. When it comes to keeping your garage door running smoothly you can count on Tuff Garage Doors to provide you the best quality service.


The Door Opener performs all the heavy lifting, so make sure your door opener is in top running order with proper service. We provide service for all major brand door opening systems.


The track system of your garage door has many moving parts that can wear out over time. We keep your door system in top running order with regular maintenance service.


The spring and cable system of the roll up garage door requires regular maintenance and adjustments as it gets older. Keep your door system working with proper maintenance.

We Service All Major Brand Doors, Openers and Track Systems